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Be represented.
Be heard.
Register to vote.

The Proud Voter Challenge is a 10 week Voter Registration Campaign
9/26 - 12/1

Participants in the challenge commit to joining a coalition of non-partisan organizations in a 10-week voter registration campaign to strengthen civic participation in Tennessee!

  • The challenge kicks off with partners hosting a voter registration event on National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, September 26 
  • Challenge ends: Friday, December 1st

The State of Civic Participation in Tennessee

50th in Voter Turnout

40th in Voter Registration

750,000+ unregistered minorities, single women & under 30 year olds.

How to Participate in the Challenge

Join the Coalition

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Signup and a member of our team will talk with you about how to participate!

Set your Goal

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Each partner sets their own goal for the number of voters they want to try to register by Dec.  1st!

Make a Plan

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Our Civic Engagement Coordinator will work with you on a plan to reach your goal!

Share with Partners

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Participate in regular coalition calls briefing partners on best practices and facilitating peer learning!

Celebrate Together!

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In mid-December we'll celebrate our progress and partners!

Learn how you can join the Proud Voter Challenge

Challenge Partners

Progress to Date

Challenge Goal

new voter goal by Dec. 1

Increase the goal, join the challenge.

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