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Voting Absentee By-Mail

You must meet certain criteria to vote absentee by-mail.

To vote absentee by-mail, you will need to:

  1. Request an absentee ballot from your local elections commission by completing an absentee request form during the requests period. Request forms can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to your county election commission.
  2. Mail your completed ballot back to your county election commission. To be counted, your ballot must be received by the close of polls on election day.

If you are a new registrant and have never voted in-person, you may need to prove your identity before you can request an absentee ballot.

First-time voters registered "by mail" must prove their identity before they can request an absentee ballot. Your registration is considered "by-mail" if you were registered by

  • Mailing a paper voter-registration application
  • Registering online through the OVR system
  • Registering at a voter-registration drive operated by anyone other than the election commission

To prove their identity, voters who registered by mail are required to appear in person before requesting an absentee ballot. This means voting in person in the first election or going in person to the county election commission to verify their identity. County officials can update the voter’s registration form “by-mail” to “in-person,” and the voter can then request an absentee ballot.