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Make Phone Calls to Boost Turnout

Call Members of the Rising American Electorate

Quickly take action by calling voters of Color and young voters to make sure they're voting in the November 3rd elections. Sign up to make calls to the county of your choice.

After submitting one of the forms below, you will be redirected to the phone bank page where you will need to enter or create an ActionID account. Once you log in using that account, you will be ready to make calls. You will also be sent an email with instructions to hop back into the phone bank!


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Civic Ambassador Program

Everything you need to organize your community

We're making it easy for you to start organizing your community. With the Proud Voter Campaign's REACH app, you will be able to:

  • Build a list of family, friends and peers.
  • Engage your network around key issues, such as being counted in the census and voting in the Primary and General elections
  • Capture data from on-the-street encounters
  • Easily recruit more friends to expand your impact


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